Xero & Salesforce Integration

Voltum integrates Salesforce CRM with Xero Cloud accounting to create a sturdy, seamless system. The benefits of this include a more effective sales team, quicker invoice payments, more efficient finance departments and powerful reporting - giving management teams unprecedented customer insights.

Key Features
  • Accelerated payments
  • Eradicate double data entry
  • Break down departmental barriers
  • Secure & reliable sharing of Accounts Receivable data
  • Give management team new insights to enhance Xero data
  • Improve data accuracy & reduce errors
  • Flat-fee billing


  1. Improving cash flow with accelerated payments – curate a faster and more effective sales and billing process, reducing double data entry, and avoiding errors and delays.
  2. Eliminating departmental barriers – give sales teams the ability to view financial statuses without having to talk to finance. A clear dashboard on each client account, with a visible invoice payment status, allows secure and reliable sharing of Accounts Receivable data.
  3. Giving management new insights – drive Xero data into Salesforce, creating reports and dashboards in Salesforce using Accounts Receivable data. These give management teams insight into customers, with the ability to add automation and notifications to further enhance the value of data from Xero.
  4. Improving data accuracy and saving time – sales team customer data is synched with Xero when an invoice is created. This eradicates the need for data duplication, saving time and eliminating data-entry errors. Xero Contacts and Xero Inventory is also synced into Salesforce.

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