Loans Management Product

Voltum guides the management of complexities during the life cycle of a loan.

We have created a convenient loans management application in Salesforce that automates loan billing and payments, collections management and accounting under one unified and versatile Salesforce platform.

Key Features
  • Fast configuration
  • Contract life cycle management
  • Flexible terms
  • Interest calculation
  • Payment spreads
  • Multiple payment types & structures
  • Reports & dashboards


  1. Improved turnaround time for customer interactions – our configurable loan product gets you to market faster, using data in an integrated Salesforce platform
  2. Automated billing, payments and fees – providing lower operating costs through a fully-automated system
  3. Real-time analytics – Voltum’s loans management software gives accurate, customised dashboards and reports for the ultimate convenience
  4. Quick change of speed – giving the ability to conform with changing regulations and business processes
  5. Manage third parties – looking after the needs of brokers and investors, easily and conveniently

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